Week 1: Activity: Plaster Casting


Today I did the plaster casting activity for week one. I was pretty bummed that I was not able to make it to the beach meetup, nor was I in a position to go to the beach on my own time. Instead of purchasing sand from a hardware store, I decided to use the sand/dirt in my backyard to create the mold. The sandy dirt in my backyard had bits of dead grass and other matters that initially had me concerned that the mold would not come out right. In hindsight I probably just should have went and bought sand and a bucket because digging the whole in my backyard next to my mother’s rose bushes was not only extremely time consuming, but also ended with me getting a talking to about pouring plaster into the ground by her flowers.

After digging the hole I noticed the dry sandy texture on top was a totally different consistency of the bottom of my hole. At the bottom of my hole was moist dirt due to the fact I dug a actual hole instead of getting a bucket and sand. Due to this I did not need to add to much water after I put my hand into the hole, in fact I added some of the dry sand into the hole to achieve a consistency more like actual sand at the beach. After pouring wet sand on top, I carefully pulled my hand out and was surprised to see the mold holding pretty well. I mixed the plaster and water into a bucket and poured it into the mold.

Unfortunately I poured way to quick and the mold disintegrated:(. After repeating the ENTIRE process again, (which sadly, included digging another hole), I slowly poured the second batch of plaster into the new mold. In the instructions it said to let it sit for 30 minutes but I was worried about the amount of actual dirt mixed in with the sand so I let it sit for an hour before digging it out. I was very pleased with the results and was lucky enough to dig it out in one piece.



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