Week 2: Activity: Automatic Drawing


For this week’s activity I participated in an automatic drawing exercise. When I first looked at the instructions I was really excited to try it because it seemed simple yet really fun. I did the exercise with one of my younger sisters. Initially, I tried to do it with my youngest sister because I thought it would be pretty cool to have an artwork created by siblings 20 years apart. However, the idea was short lived because after about 30 seconds I realized 1 year olds don’t understand the concept of sharing a pen at the same time, and would rather instead snatch it and chew off the felt tip.
After getting a new sheet of paper and recruiting the help of my other younger, yet much older sibling, we proceeded to start the exercise. At first it was really hard to do the exercise because we could not stop laughing, despite our best efforts. It was a little bit uncomfortable because I’ve never drawn an art piece simultaneously with another person, much less ever did one with my eyes closed.

After a solid 5 minutes of goofing off, we calmed down enough to take the exercise seriously. At first there were deliberate moments where we would let the other person guide the pen and then stop, at which point the other person would determine the path of the pen. However after a couple more minutes we stopped “designating” whose turn it was and it started flowing naturally. In a weird way we kind of became in sync and it was almost like the pen did its own thing.

I thought this exercise was pretty cool because it allowed me to channel art through connecting with another person. I had no idea this type of art even existed so it was pretty awesome to look at my finished product. I am very excited to try this activity with my significant other and see if the final product will turn out any differently.


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