Week 3-Activity-Graffiti

For this week’s activity, I got to graffiti my name in bubble letters. This activity actually turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. Since I was unable to make it to the Venice beach meetup, I had to improvise by using a piece of cardboard. At first the only cardboard pieces I could find in my house were from shoe boxes and other small items. However, I had been hoping to spray paint on something much bigger, in order to mimic the amount of space on a wall. My parent’s new shed arrived yesterday so after a lot of convincing, my mother agreed to let me graffiti the inside lid of the shed box. It was much more fun being able to graffiti a piece of cardboard so big because it allowed me to be more free with my space.

Thankfully my mother is always doing some DIY project so there was leftover silver and brown spray paint in our garage. When I started the art piece, I messed up within the first 5 seconds. I made the “S” too big and immediately knew there would not be enough space to complete the other 7 letters in my name. So instead of spelling out “Shaakira”, I decided to spell out my nickname which is “Shaq”. After looking at a few graffiti pieces online, I decided to try the bubble method where the letters overlap. I was pretty pleased with the results for it being my first time.

As I was spray painting, I realized how much fun I was having. Not only was it fun but I felt so free because I could make it look any way I wanted to, and there was no wrong way to do it. It was also therapeutic in a way, I can definitely see how people can get really into it. Drawing on a piece of paper is so limiting because of the amount of space you get, but drawing on a big object was so much fun.

After filling in the letters with silver spray-paint, I tried to use white spray paint to create the “reflection” marks on the letters. Unfortunately, the white spray paint was dried out so I was slightly disappointed that I could not put the finishing touches on it. Regardless, I was still very happy with the results and would definitely want to do another project like this again.


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