Week 4-Activity-Sketching in the Garden

IMG_0602IMG_0612IMG_0604IMG_0610IMG_0601IMG_0609IMG_0600IMG_0611IMG_0606IMG_0613                 IMG_0605IMG_0614

So for this week’s activity I did a garden sketch. Unfortunately my schedule has not allowed me to participate in the meetups so I went out back to my own garden and did my sketches and photos there. I did the abstract sketches and photographs first. I was not sure how to take abstract photographs so I spend a bit of time trying to find something “abstract” to take a picture of. However, I realized that everything around you can be considered a form of abstract art depending on the way you look at. The first picture I took was of a palm tree. After taking the photo I noticed the trunk of the tree looked like a giant worm (wild imagination lol) so when I sat down to abstractly draw it I automatically started drawing a worm eating the leaves of the palm tree. At first I erased my work because I felt silly but then I remembered the point of the activity was to be abstract and draw freely so that’s what I did.

The next abstract photograph and sketch I did was of a green leafy plant on the side of my house. When I took the photo I noticed the leaves looked like little fingers so when I began abstract drawing it, I drew a person with fingers reaching up into the sky. I made the fingers the darkest part of the photo to highlight the significance. I felt like the leaves were reaching up to the sun, which they need to survive, so when I drew the hands reaching up I also drew social media symbols because a lot of youth in our society “can’t live” without social media. The next abstract photo was of some bushes in the corner of my backyard. When I took the abstract photo and began drawing, I remembered there used to be this huge scary opossum that lived in the hole in the bushes. I drew an abstract representation of something scary coming out of a bush. For the abstract significance I did not want draw an opossum (nor do I know how to lol), so I went for a generic scary face that everyone can relate to and interpret as their own fear. The 3 representational photos and sketches were of a lemon tree, and dying rose, and an un-blossomed flower. Although I am not very good at drawing I did my best to represent the photos accurately.


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