Week 5-Activity-Instagram

I thought this week’s activity was really unique from all of the past activities. This week was the Instagram activity where we uploaded Instagram photos during our day and then then a reflective blog about our experience and our classmate’s photos as well. My first photo posted was taken while I was babysitting my little sister Rain. When I took the picture I thought it was cool because she looked like she was the little seed that produced the tree. She’s so small right now and I know someday she will grow to be a strong healthy young woman, which is what I felt the tree could represent. The second picture I posted was an ice cream cake from my job. I took the picture because my coworkers and I were noting how people never come in to buy our cakes without any handwritten icing on top. We tried to sell this woman a cake without decoration because we had ran out of our icing and she was appalled we even asked. I thought it was funny because the cake is kind of like a person. A lot of people only look at what’s on the outside, physical features of a person and all that, without taking the time to appreciate the goodness inside. This lady will never get to taste our delicious ice cream cake because it did not look pretty enough for her. The third picture was a selfie I took because I did not know what to take a picture of so I said “hmm I’ll post a selfie Instagram is all about selfies anyway”. The last picture I took was of a plant in my backyard. I snapped this picture right before my mom removed it from our backyard. The leaves looked like fans and I thought overall the plant was really pretty. It’s funny because I never really noticed the plant until my mom said she was ripping it up and which point I felt like I had a connection to, or cared about the plant this whole time and asked her not to rip it up lol.
When I looked at my classmates’ posts, I noticed the majority of them were scenery posts. We go about our everyday lives and often don’t take the time to stop and appreciate nature around us. However when it comes to taking a picture of something our go to is often something scenic. We were able to post pictures of ANYTHING in the entire world and almost everyone had at least one photo of something scenic. There were also a lot of picture of some great looking food. I found myself liking classmates’ photos of food that looked good to me. On another classmate’s photo I saw that they go to the same yoga place I do!
I really liked this activity because it gave me the opportunity to see a little into the lives of my classmates. I was not able to make it to any of the activity meetups so I have been feeling distant from my other classmates all summer. Doing this activity made me feel closer to my class and give me a different appreciation of Instagram. I always go on Instagram to watch funny videos or post selfies, but this activity made me realize Instagram is truly about connecting with people, some of which you might not have ever met otherwise.


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