Week 6-Activity-Landscapes with a Corpse



So for this week’s activity, we had to recreate our own death scene. I really had a lot of fun creating these images. At first I wanted to recreate a look of me falling off a ladder by having me laying on the ground next to a ladder. However, as I thought about it more I decided I wanted to die in a way that is cool yet unrealistic in my life. So, I decided to “die” as a secret agent lol. It took about 40 minutes to finish the whole project because we wanted to achieve a certain lighting, and get the camera angles down to a tee.

I chose to dress in all black, I also had an earpiece in but it was hard to see against the dark lighting. We contemplated going for a brighter lighting so that the blood and all my features could really stand out, but we opted for darker lighting to add to the look we were going for. At first we tried to figure out a way to make it look like the knife was still stuck in my neck but that proved to be too difficult. Instead, we decided to just put blood on the knife and my neck, so viewers would not get the gun confused with the murder weapon as a form of suicide.

The scene I was trying to lay out is pictured in the following:

I am a secret agent who’s on a deadly mission. During the mission I received a text from one of the other agents, (as pictured in the second up close shot), waring me that the enemy had found me. As soon as I opened my phone to read the text, the enemy jumped out and stabbed me in the neck. When I fell, the gun in my hand came out of my grip. The enemy dropped the knife after giving me the fatal stab, and is pictured leaving the scene of the crime.

I really liked this week’s activity because it allowed me to recreate a look that I never thought I would ever have a chance to see. It was a little creepy looking at the finished product because you never really picture yourself dead, much less recreate it. If the lighting was brighter the beauty makeup and red lipstick look would have been more visible. In the future I might do a bit brighter lighting but I am still very pleased with the results.



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