Week 6-Artist OTW-Andy Warhol


Most of this course has consisted of artists that I have never heard about until we covered it. However, I was very surprised to know that I am very familiar with more than a few Andy Warhol’s works.  His pop art pieces are what I am most familiar with. I’ve seen his artwork on stickers, posters, books, tv shows, you name it and I can tell you a time I’ve seen it. I remember back in high school I had seen one of his pop art pieces (I did not know it was him at the time), and I thought it was so cool that I went home and edited my profile picture to have the same bright colors. It’s always crazy to me to learn about an artist and realize how much of an impact their work from decades ago still has on our society today. When I researched his name the first thing that came up was an article posted this morning about Kanye West’s new music video. The artist who created the painting that West’s music video is based off of, compared Kanye West to Andy Warhol. I thought it was really cool that when I was reading the article I knew exactly what the artist was talking about regarding his comparison between west and Warhol.

Although I admire and love his work, as I mentioned in one of my discussion posts I think it’s crazy how much his art pieces go for. However, I understand why someone might spend that much on one of his paintings. In regards to his Elvis Presley painting that went for $1 million dollars:

I think this is a really cool piece but there’s just no way I would ever pay $100 million for a piece of art. Beauty and art is in the eye of a beholder so I am not judging or looking down on someone who spent that much money on a silkscreen. Just because I don’t see the worth, doesn’t mean the worth is not there. At first I was like they’re insane for spending that much, but then I thought back to one of my own sentimental possessions I own. It’s valued at about $10 but because of the value to me, I would probably spend hundreds of dollars to get this item back if it was ever taken from me.”




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