Week 7-Activity-Art Museum Visit


So for this week’s activity I went to the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center. I originally wanted to go to the LACMA but opted for an art museum that was closer. I had never heard about this museum prior to going so it was pretty cool to explore someplace new that I never knew was right by my house. Upon arrival I took a selfie outside the museum and then proceeded to enter. I was pleasantly surprised to learn there were free art exhibits today so I went in for free. I was the only person in the ENTIRE museum so it was kind of creepy, but still cool.

The two art pieces I chose to observe was Film of the Mind by David Lee, and Distant by Matthew Yi. The painting styles in terms of color and texture are similar. Although the faces in one of the paintings is more abstract, they both use the same light and dark peach colors to warm the faces. The features of “Film of the Mind” are a little more defined and realistic whereas the features (especially the nose) of “Distant” is very obscured.

When looking at “Film of the Mind”, the man in the painting looks like a construction engineer. He’s wearing a hard hat as worn during construction but from the looks of his jacket and collared shirt, he doesn’t appear to be the one doing the work, more so overseeing everything. The film strip could represent his mind and his memories, maybe the memories meant to bring together a project.

When looking at “Distant”, there is a woman with a hat on, with what appears to be a mountain on top. She also has a very long nose, where a person in swinging on the end of it. When I saw the nose the first thing that came to mind was the Pinocchio movie where the puppet’s nose would grow longer every time he told a lie. Since the woman’s “hat” is a mountain and she appears to be coming out of the ground, I feel like she could represent mother-nature or the world itself. With all the turmoil going on in our world today the woman’s nose could represent a world built on lies and deceit. We are the little stick figure swinging from her nose, so oblivious to what’s going on around us and lies that have been told to us from higher up sources like our government and justice system. Both these pieces evoked heavy thought. I felt like they both had deeper meaning, especially with both these individuals shown having objects coming from their head.


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