Week 7-Artist OTW-Janet Cardiff


It was really interesting to learn about this week’s artist of the week, Janet Cardiff. Cardiff is  most famous for her sight specific work installations which are works of art that are specific to a place and not meant to be moved. I watched a few of her pieces which incorporated a vast amount of speakers either in a circle or hidden in a variety of places. People can come and experience a indescribable form of art only accomplished through sound. I really liked her audio walk in the forest where people came to experience a multisensory experience projecting sounds from all angles.

Since most of her works are sight specific, I know I did not have anywhere near close to the experience as the people who actually went and attended her exhibits. However, watching videos of it from home still gave me a good idea and glimpse of how moving and powerful her pieces are.

I feel like I’m surprised more and more every week. I feel as though this class is starting unlock a whole another world of art that I never even knew existed. If someone had told me an artist was famous for playing music through a bunch of speaker I ignorantly would have stated “that’s not even art”. However, this class has given me the eyes to understand and appreciate these unique art forms that are so uncommon in our everyday lives. I actually did some offline research on Janet Cardiff to see if there are any audio tours like hers available to the public in an area near me.


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