Week 8-Activity-Street Photography

IMG_0968IMG_0970     IMG_0969

So for this week’s activity, we had to capture photography of people on the street. I was walking from our car to Bj’s with my family and saw the perfect opportunity to do some photography. After looking at the sample photos posted in our instructions page, I had originally planned to do up close off guard pictures of strangers like I had seen online. However, that proved to be much harder than I thought because I felt embarrassed trying to take these up close photos without the pedestrians knowing. I was paranoid they would see what I was doing and I would be forced to awkwardly explain myself. So instead, I chose to take photos from further away.

The first photo I took was of 3 girls crossing the street. I really liked this photo because it was inspired by the iconic beetles Abbey Road album cover, where the members are crossing at the crosswalk. Although the girls were walking side by side, instead of one in front of the other like the cover, it still made me think immediately of the beetles when I took the shot.

The next photo I took was on the sidewalk under a ledge. I really liked the angle of the photo because it looked like a rectangle tunnel, like a vortex of some sort, with a group of people at the end. The family in the photo was clearly visiting from another country due to their thick accents, and the mom and kids kept stopping to look around which is why the dad kept turning back to make sure everyone was still following him as seen in the photo. I also like the different textures of the wall as well.

The last photo I took was my favorite because of the lighting. The focus of the picture was the tree, and I really liked this photo because the lighting was split down the center of the tree. The right side is all sunny and bright, and the left side with all the people is all darker and gloomier because of the sun blockage. I like this picture because the right side without any people represents the untouched part of nature/the world, and the left side which is gloomy with all the people represent the negative mark society has had on our nature and the world we live in due to loitering and pollution.

The fourth picture I took, I chose to do an off guard up-close photo of my family walking. However, when they found out once we got home, they were not pleased I was trying to use this “unruly” up-close shot of them, and I was banned from including it in my blog. In the future I will make sure to take more than just 4 photos so that I will have a wider selection to choose from in case I can’t use one of the photos.


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