Week 8-Artist OTW-Various Street Photographers

So for this week’s artist otw it was cool to be able to look at multiple works from different street photographers. Due to the sheer amount of content I focused mainly on Garry Winogrand and Daniel Arnold.

I’ve always been fascinated by black and white photography so it was really cool to look through Winogrand’s portfolio. I think black and white photography forces viewers to look more at the details to bring about interpretations of the photos because we don’t have any colors. As I looked at his photography I sometimes would see a particular photo found myself wondering which ones were off guard and which ones did he ask permission to take. I like the fact his photography is raw, and really captured people exactly the way they were. Side note I know it isn’t street photography but as I was doing offline research I was super excited to learn that Winongrand took some of the most iconic photos of Marylyn Monroe.

The works of Daniel Arnold are really inspiring as well. After doing so much research on Winogrand, it was almost weird looking though a portfolio of color street photography. I really fell in love and was inspired by this picture of children playing by Daniel Arnold. It really brought about reflection about our society compared to how it used to be. As stated during discussion:

“With this new hype of the PokemonGo game, whenever I’m outside I’ve been seeing kids glued to their phones playing this game. We have been praising this game because it encourages exercise, however many of us fail to remember how things used to be. Back when we were younger we did not need a game on our phone to get us to be active. We would make our own fun by playing outside like the girls and boy in the picture, and entertain ourselves with things like jumping rope, hopscotch, etc. I think the photographer did a great job of capturing the essence of what childhood really is.”



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