Week 9-Activity-Cuisine


I had a lot of fun with this week’s activity. It took me awhile to decide what to create but I decided to go with something food inspired. I had remembered my friends and I talking last week about how healthy rice cakes were and all of the different healthy garnishes to put on top. I decided to put a spin on what my friends and I were talking about and go for a rice cake with a piece of pizza on it. We had seen recipes with organic tomatoes and crumbles of goat cheese sprinkled on top, so I used pizza to add an unhealthy yet similar twist to it.

My friends and I went to the gym today and I invited them over to try out my “healthy” post-workout snack I had made for them. I explained that I had made a rice cake snack and they were both very eager and excited to try it. When I pulled out my creation their faces were confused and one of my friends started laughing uncontrollably once she got what I was trying to do. A rice cake with cheese and tomatoes on top, also known as a rice cake with a piece of pizza on top lol.

If I ever did one of these again, I would definitely want to do a crazy hairstyle out in public. I feel the responses would be a lot different with strangers rather than just my friends. If I did cuisine again I could even serve this snack to strangers and see their responses. I think that would be pretty funny and awesome to see as well!


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