Week 10-Activity-Art Care Package (ACP)

So I decided to send my ACP to my cousin who lives in Germany. I have never met her before, but we know each other exist so I thought it would be a cool way to share a bit of my life with her. I added a US currency bill in there to symbolize where I live. I added a sheet from my criminal justice text book on a section called writing a police report. I chose that page in reference to all of the chaos and injustice that has been going on in our justice system. I added a ring given to me by our grandmother to show her our family connection to each other even though we have never met before. The “Beach”business card represents where I attend school and the “CHOC” food pass is to represent where I volunteer and spend most of my time. The bow represents the last 4 years I spent on the LB State cheer team, and the necklace represents our African roots.

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat because it’s something that doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s more meant to document a point in life. Snapchat is meant to let viewers know what is going on throughout your day and week, just like all of the memoirs from the ACP are meant to show the viewer what is going on at a certain point in time.

What’s different about the two is that it takes multiple days and even weeks for an ACP to arrive to it’s destination. With a snapchat, it can be sent to someone immediately. Another huge difference is that each ACP can only be sent to one person, whereas a snapchat can be sent to hundreds of people at once.

I think ephemera’s hold trash to one person and a treasure to someone else. I think a lot of things placed in ephemera’s have a lot of sentimental value more so than actual value prepay. However, ACPs that have been created an extremely long time ago might have some memoirs in it that now hold value in today’s society.

I definitely think there’s a difference between art that is seen by many people like a painting in a musem vs the ACP I sent to someone. I think it holds a more personal touch when you create something for one specific person. I also think it will allow them to connect with it more in contrast to a painting that was created without them in mind.

I think the time and effort that goes into an ACP holds more personal value because it shows the receiver that you genuinely care enough to spend your time creating something just for them. With a snapchat, you can snap a photo in a just second. I think when something takes a long time to create, having to wait a few days to get it is reasonable.

I think you can prepare a meal with love even if it takes a short amount of time. If someone moves quickly to make a meal for you, it can show even more love. When I come home after a long day at work and my mom will stop what she’s doing to make me my favorite sandwich, I really appreciate and feel the love for her doing so. It doesn’t matter to me that it only took her 5 minutes to make, it’s the fact she stopped what she was doing to attend to my needs.




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