Week 11-Activity-Wall Hanging

For this week’s activity, I really had a chance to be creative. I’ve been trying my best all summer to only use supplies I have at home when doing each activity. I feel like this week’s activity was the hardest to accomplish using at home products.

For my wall hanging project I used a roll of tape, thread, hanger, and an old T-shirt. I started off by shaping the hanger. The wire hanger I found was thicker than normal so I had a fairly hard time trying to shape it. I tried to search for other forms of wire in my house but I had no success. After semi long process, I finally got the desired shape I wanted. I tried to straighten out the tips of the hanger but I was not strong enough to do it lol.

Once I achieved the best shape I could manage, I got an old t-shirt and cut strips from it. I started off trying to make each strip perfectly straight but that proved to be time consuming and not worth the time. Thankfully, the strips were placed so close together the jagged edges of the strips did not stand out to much. Once I was done cutting, I tied each of the strips to the wire hanger.

I finished off my project by suspending the hanger by attaching a roll of tape to a piece of thread, and attaching it to the hanger. The hanger and strips proved to be too heavy for the thread so it broke and had to be retied about 3 times in a 5 minute span.

I feel like my project could have taken 5 minutes to make if I had gone to an arts and crafts store for a ball of yarn and thin wire. During the process I kept telling myself I should be cheap and just go to the store, but I’m happy that I did not. I like projects that are creative, so even though it did not turn out exactly like the examples the professor provided us with, I’m happy with my interpretation of it.


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