Week 11-Artist OTW-Vanessa Blaylock


For this week’s Artist OTW, we looked at the works of Vanessa Blaylock. I have to admit this was one of the most confusing art concepts to grasp throughout the duration of this course.

Even after watching the professor’s Artist OTW video on slack, I was still pretty confused on what exactly Blaylock did. I did a lot of offline research and came across her website and blogging site. I saw something on her site that said her website “allows avatars to demand their civil rights”. This struck me as super odd because I realized that in this whole world of “Avatar Art”, people are really genuinely trying to live through these graphically designed characters.

I took time to look through some of her projects, and I definitely had some thoughts on it. I have a very hard time considering what Blaylock does as being a form of art. I know that art comes in a million different ways, but I feel like this really stretches my belief of Avatars as a form of artwork. I feel like some of the characters look cool, but I don’t know if I could ever see one of her performances and think to myself, “Wow what a beautiful form of art”.

However, I also think that not everyone sees art in the same way. I should not make the statement that what Blaylock does is not art, but I definitely have my own personal opinion on it.


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