Week 12-Activity-One More (Automated Drawing)


For the final activity of this course, I decided to revisit the Automatic Drawing activity from week two. When I first did this activity, I was still learning to identify what art really is. I feel like I was still pretty close minded about could be considered art. I know I remember thinking my finished product wasn’t really a form of art. However, as I have progressed through this course, I have gained a newfound appreciation for different works of art, especially ones that aren’t standard.

When revisiting this activity, I originally wanted to do the exercise with my same sister I did it with last time to compare pieces. However, I decided to do the activity with my friend Aaron. He’s an extremely talented artist and graphic designer so I thought it would be cool to do an activity with him. This experience was a lot different than the first time I did it. The first time my sister and I had a hard time taking it seriously and we kept laughing.

This time as soon as we started we both closed our eyes and took it serious. It was truly intimate experience, not in a sexual way obviously, but in an intimate way that really made us connect. Everything flowed really easily and we did the activity longer than it lasted the first time.

When we opened our eyes I was really pleased with the results. I definitely think it’s a form of art, we even decided to sign our names at the bottom in case we can make money off of it someday lol. I definitely think I made the right choice in choosing the automatic drawing exercise as my final activity for this course. Such an awesome experience.


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